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Cyber Risk Assessment Tool

Cyber crime is becoming a rampant threat to financial services firms of all sizes. Many firms are struggling to keep pace with evolving and covert cyber security threats as offenders are becoming extremely intelligent.

Advanced Communication Strategies for Risk Management

The risk management landscape creates ongoing challenges around effectively monitoring, assessing and responding to traditional and evolving threats. Taking a holistic and enterprise risk-based approach towards defining and identifying threats is essential towards enhancing existing frameworks for incident response and continuity planning.

Executive Q&A

Improving the Customer Experience

Consumer adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has exploded and this growth has..... more

Thought Leadership Perspectives

Managing CCP Risk Globally

Recent white papers by the CME (Clearing – Balancing CCP and Member Contributions with Exposures) an..... more

Keeping Your Eye on the Volcker Rule Ball

When the lighted ball dropped recently in Times Square, one of the muffled sounds in the background ..... more

Industry Perspectives

Cyber Risk Assessment Tool

Cyber Security Readiness Becomes Priority for Regulators and Financial Firms of all size more

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The Post-Trade Processing: Industry Landscape

Asset managers are trying to meet regulatory compliance and risk management requirements while facing pressures to domore with less. Firms are not only striving to provide more transparency to their c..... more

The Next-Generation of Reporting: Understanding Needs of the Asset Management Industry

A unique set of forces including emerging markets, regulation, the need to restore investor confidence, a squeeze on margins, and technological advances are shaping the next generation of the asset ma..... more

Editor's Note & Commentaries

Globalization, increased regulations

Globalization, increased regulations, product commoditization, and decreasing margins are just a few of the challenges facing the financial services industry. Meeting these challenges will likely lead to transformations and innovative business models as the industry implements new technology and operational practices, alternate service models, and more comprehensive risk management and compliance frameworks. As aB2B research and information hub serving the global banking, insurance, and capital markets industry, FSOkx is at the forefront of helping organizations achieve operational efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements, and return to profitability.

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TurtleBay Advisory Services and Be Informed Deliver Next Generation Applications to Financial Services Industry

Mar 31, 2014

Business process platform speeds integration, improves customer experience, and helps firms meet regulatory changes

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