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BECU Implements Next IT Corporation’s Access Assistant

BECU has implemented Next IT Corporation's Access Assistant, an online tool, to help its members reconnect to their accounts in case they forget their login information or are locked out. Access Assistant engages in an online conversation with BECU members to securely establish and authenticate their identity. Thereafter the forgotten information is sent across or locked accounts are automatically unlocked. Access Assistant also guides new members through enrollment applications.

Howie Wu, Vice President of Virtual Banking at BECU, says that Access Assistant will help them reduce about 100 password/username/lockout calls per day. It will also enable them to gain USD 100,000-plus benefit right out of the gate, besides allowing them to spend more time engaging with members on financial matters. 

Deal Characteristics

Date : May 02, 2012
Industry : Banking
Domain : Credit union
Sub Domain : IT and Technology
Deal Type : Implementation

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