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"FSO's research was extensive and detailed. The data, in-depth interviews and market analysis was all customized and aligned with our business objectives. The cutting-edge research provided crystal clear picture of the market and helped us to devise our marketing strategy."

"The quality of insights and information of the report developed by FSO team helped us tremendously to understand the pain points, market gaps that existed within the GRC technology market. By highlighting successful strategies to gain competitive edge, the report facilitated simple and easy decision making."

"FSO’s quarterly deal analytics and vendor analytics report provides us a good overview of the industry trends and competitive landscape for business process outsourcing at functional levels. It helped us to assess our current offerings and develop a roadmap to further enhance our offerings, gain competitive edge and penetrate new markets."

"….because of their far-reaching membership community, for our research the data sample was collected from all geographies, designations, and market segments. This helped us to get a global picture of the whole industry and helped us to formulate an effective global marketing strategy for our services."

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Deutsche Bank Improves Service Delivery Excellence with Process Management

Capturing, maintaining, and sharing operational knowledge across diverse and sophisticated organizations is extremely challenging and process and document management is often an incredible drain on a financial services institution's resources. To achieve and maintain operational excellence and to reduce costs, institutions must create scalable and repeatable business processes across complex and distributed functions and implement appropriate governance, controls, and risk mitigation. In addition, process management should allow for continuous improvements if the institution hopes to compete within an environment fraught with tight margins, economic volatility, and burdensome regulations.

Setting the Stage for Process Management

Deutsche Bank, with 2.164 billion Euro in assets and 100,000 employees in more than 70 countries, is one of the world's leading global investment banks. However, the bank's extensive key operating policies and procedures were not fully automated and for processes such as approval recertification required manual intervention. The bank also stored more data than it actually needed, further decreasing efficiency and increasing costs. To improve service delivery to its stakeholders, Deutsche Bank sought to automate its operating policies and procedures methodologies.

Extensive RFP

GBS Change Management, working closely with the bank's subject matter experts and IT professionals, developed an extensive request for proposal (RFP) that included both high level functional and non-functional requirements. GBS Change Management's project team then invited vendors to provide extensive demonstrations and walkthroughs of their systems, explains Narayan NR, Vice President of GBS Change Management.

As the next step in the thorough decision-making process, the bank required the shortlisted vendors to provide a very detailed demonstration to a wider group of Deutsche Bank stakeholders, including product leads, subject matter experts, IT, and compliance personnel.

Based on feedback from both the initial project team and the extended stakeholder group, Deutsche Bank selected BCI's The Manager, a single technology platform and suite of applications that integrates performance support, training, performance metrics along with governance risk, compliance, and self-assessment tools. The Manager serves as a central repository for policies and procedures and collaboration tools and also as a consolidated compliance platform.

"Our project team was particularly impressed with The Manager's workflow-driven document approval and recertification processes as well as the audit trails and alerts," notes Narayan. “The Manager was much more evolved than other solutions we considered,” he said.

In addition to the features and functionality of the platform, the Deutsche Bank team were impressed with the BCI team of professionals, "The BCI leadership team has in-depth knowledge in the banking industry," explains Narayan. “That experience, coupled with BCI's ‘can-do' attitude, made us confident that BCI would be a strong collaborative partner for the bank as we move forward with our efficiency initiatives.”

Smooth Implementation

Overall, the implementation process was extremely non-eventful. The Deutsche Bank and BCI project teams worked closely together to keep the implementation on track and to ensure that customizations to The Manager adhered to the bank's business requirements, data migration, and integration plans.

Migrating documents from the bank's existing systems to The Manager was a bit more challenging than anticipated, says Narayan, and required some manual corrections and uploading of individual documents. However, Narayan praises BCI for their responsiveness in creating adhoc tools where possible to assist in the migration to The Manager and for their testing thoroughness. He also notes that BCI is enhancing The Manager to improve the end-user experience.

Deutsche Bank is initiating a phased rollout of The Manager to its service centers in Bangalore, Jacksonville, Manila, Birmingham, and Dublin. Bangalore and Jacksonville will be the first centers to use The Manager and Deutsche Bank expects a major portion of the implementation to be completed by fourth quarter, 2012.

Based on the positive experiences of the Bangalore and Jacksonville centers, other areas of Deutsche Bank have expressed interest in using BCI's The Manager and the bank is looking forward to expanding the roll out to a wider user group.

Next Steps

Although The Manager is still being rolled out to additional service centers, the bank is already reaping benefits according to feedback from the bank's end users. It's too early in the implementation process to do a detailed cost/benefit analysis, but Narayan is confident that the benefits of the automated approval and recertification process are quite positive. “The Manager is a simple tool that can be effectively used for management of process documents and helps in monitoring and tracking the completeness of critical business processes with checklists and audit trails,” he says.

Deutsche Bank understands that it is only using the tip of The Manager iceberg, notes Prashant Jobanputra, Director, GBS Change Management. "We will increasingly see the value in implementing The Manager tool through a global roll-out plan within the organization", he predicts.
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