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"FSO's research was extensive and detailed. The data, in-depth interviews and market analysis was all customized and aligned with our business objectives. The cutting-edge research provided crystal clear picture of the market and helped us to devise our marketing strategy."

"The quality of insights and information of the report developed by FSO team helped us tremendously to understand the pain points, market gaps that existed within the GRC technology market. By highlighting successful strategies to gain competitive edge, the report facilitated simple and easy decision making."

"FSO’s quarterly deal analytics and vendor analytics report provides us a good overview of the industry trends and competitive landscape for business process outsourcing at functional levels. It helped us to assess our current offerings and develop a roadmap to further enhance our offerings, gain competitive edge and penetrate new markets."

"….because of their far-reaching membership community, for our research the data sample was collected from all geographies, designations, and market segments. This helped us to get a global picture of the whole industry and helped us to formulate an effective global marketing strategy for our services."

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The US is taking a big step on cybersecurity

Today’s hackers are professionals who have mastered the art of breaching servers and stealing data. Small businesses, multinationals and even governments are investing record amounts on cybersecurity. Yet hackers always seem to always find a way to get the information they are looking for using sophisticated methods.

The NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act Aims to Provide Cyberdefense Resources

U.S. President Donald Trump signed the NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act, S. 770 (formerly known as the MAIN STREET Cybersecurity Act) into law on Tuesday (August 14, 2018).

Bank of Canada more worried about cyberattack than recession

The governor of the Bank of Canada is not holding his fear of a cyberattack back.

Business Risk Intelligence for the Asset Manager

In 2016, the Security and Exchange Commission's EDGAR database was hacked. While the extent of the breach has not been made public, the database, which contains information on corporate regulatory filings, could potentially give hackers nonpublic information that could be used for trading.

Global firm offering cybersecurity advice gets hacked

A major global accounting firm, offers their clients a slew of services. One of them is the development of cybersecurity strategies.

Detecting & Fighting Ransomware in Real Time

Let’s take a look at how Darktrace’s machine learning detected and responded to a ransomware attack at a large financial services organization.

A New Vision for Knowledge Extraction

In 2009, Hatha Systems used new technical standards to build a prototype of a next-generation knowledge extraction solution. The initial prototype won the Enterprise Software Solution Best in Show award at the FOSE government technology conference that year

Closing the Regulatory Reporting Gap with a TBAS Solution

There are two things that never slow down - the pace of regulatory change and the pace of business. We can't do much about the pace of business, but we can certainly help with keeping pace and managing the information flow of regulatory change. TurtleBay Advisory Services' Regulatory Solution is the financial services professionals' tool to keeping current and staying informed on regulatory change. It is a single source database that tracks the global regulatory developments from more than 170+ regulators globally.

Transforming Business Through Data Management

The volume of data that financial firms gather, produce and manage has the potential to offer invaluable insight into many different lines of the business – and it can also be overwhelming. For many firms the challenge is in understanding and coordinating the particular data requirements of different parts of the firm. “What we have seen in the past is that most of the people who are given the requirements to the technology units are accountants, and so they create what they call a fat general ledger that is very rich with data,” says Charlie DeFelice, managing director with Turtle Bay Advisory Services (TBAS). “That’s great, but the problem is, when you go to roll up your financial reports at the end of the month, quarter or year, it takes a long time to process all that detail.”

The New Risk and Compliance Paradigm: Managing Business Complexity

In the past decade, governments around the world have been establishing new international regulations that are driving companies to gain a better understanding of the complexity of their customer relationships. As new regulations propagate, and long agreed regulation elements are now vigorously enforced, traditional approaches do not meet the new paradigm and are coming up short of regulatory expectations. Companies need new techniques and methodologies that reduce the cost of managing compliance processes by understanding the complexity of products and customers.

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