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"FSO's research was extensive and detailed. The data, in-depth interviews and market analysis was all customized and aligned with our business objectives. The cutting-edge research provided crystal clear picture of the market and helped us to devise our marketing strategy."

"The quality of insights and information of the report developed by FSO team helped us tremendously to understand the pain points, market gaps that existed within the GRC technology market. By highlighting successful strategies to gain competitive edge, the report facilitated simple and easy decision making."

"FSO’s quarterly deal analytics and vendor analytics report provides us a good overview of the industry trends and competitive landscape for business process outsourcing at functional levels. It helped us to assess our current offerings and develop a roadmap to further enhance our offerings, gain competitive edge and penetrate new markets."

"….because of their far-reaching membership community, for our research the data sample was collected from all geographies, designations, and market segments. This helped us to get a global picture of the whole industry and helped us to formulate an effective global marketing strategy for our services."

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Analyzing New Outsourcing Destinations: Factors to Consider to Stay Competitive


Banks, Financial Services Firms, and insurers increasingly look at offshore outsourcing as an option to minimize operational costs and enhance the service quality. FSOkx has conducted a comprehensive research study to understand and analyze the outsourcing opportunities around the globe. The study highlights how India, an undisputed leader in outsourcing market is gradually losing its lead to the newer emerging destinations.

FSOkx analyzes the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of the outsourcing environment in emerging destinations including China, Russia, Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico, and Canada. Factors that have a significant impact on outsourcing destination decision-making such as cost and quality of services, human expertise, geographic proximity, work ethics, cultural similarity, infrastructure reliability, and the political as well as legal environment are analyzed in detail for the above destinations.

The research report also includes highlights of interviews with outsourcing service providers and government and non-profit associations to provide a location-specific overview of outsourcing trends and value propositions.

Who Can Benefit
  • Senior executives and finance managers evaluating the emerging destinations across the globe for service outsourcing
  • C-level executives who play a decisive role in finalizing strategies related to outsourcing to keep costs under control
  • Consultants who need to analyze the emerging outsourcing destinations market and the upcoming trends and issues in the industry
  • Service vendors/solution providers who want to compete in the global outsourcing market
Key Findings
  • India, an undisputed low-cost provider of choice for financial firms is gradually losing its lead. Firms seek new, emerging destinations to diversify their risk and investments around the world.
  • China, a tough competitor to Indian outsourcing vendors grew rapidly in 2010 due to its huge and comparatively cost-effective IT talent pool, infrastructure development, and support from the Chinese government.
  • Russia, an early-stage outsourcing destination, is globally recognized for its technology expertise, in-depth domain knowledge, and customized application development capabilities.
  • Brazil’s highly skilled human resources, specifically in IT and the high graduate to population ratio are significant factors in the growth of the Brazilian outsourcing market.
  • Philippines is rapidly emerging as a global voice-based hub.
  • Mexico is looked upon as a promising near-shore destination due to its geographic proximity and cultural compatibility with the U.S.
  • Canada is also fast emerging as a near-shore destination for firms in North America for mature value-added IT services.