Transparency is finally coming to the largely unregulated and opaque OTC derivatives market. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, along with other regulations, will impact the ever-changing USD 600 trillion OTC derivatives market and make it more difficult for financial services organizations to realize high equity returns. As the deadline for regulatory reforms approaches, industry participants are proactively preparing their organizations for significant business model, infrastructure, and process changes.

FSOkx invites you to fill out this short survey (less than 10 minutes) on the business, operations, risk and technology challenges as well as the current needs of the industry as a result of the Dodd-Frank Act Title 7 changes. You’ll receive an Executive Summary of the survey results along with actionable insights as our thank-you for participating.

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Survey Questionnaire
Respondent Demographic Questions
Which of the following best describes your company’s business?

How many full-time employees (FTE) does your company employ globally? (Do not include non-employees such as contractors or captive center employees.)

Which of the following best describes your role within the company?

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Which areas of your business will be impacted by Dodd-Frank Act Title 7?
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Business operations
Risk management
Data management