The need for business analysis and business intelligence for financial services organizations is greater today than it has ever been. In a highly competitive marketplace, organizations rely on analytics to understand customer behavior and improve customer loyalty. Critical data brings valuable insight into overall customer demographic and helps to determine the specific segments of customers that are at a higher risk of exiting. To drive better business results, it is important that firms translate these analytics into actionable insights, which can help them gain business agility to meet the changing customer dynamics.

Through this webinar you will gain insights about -

  • How leading financial organizations are harnessing business analytics to drive bottom-line results.
  • How business intelligence can help your organization to forecast customer turnover and other adverse scenarios before they occur.
  • Tackling the big-data challenges faced by financial services firms on a daily basis and converting them into opportunities for sales optimization.
  • Best practices to create an analytics-driven organization.
  • Every registered attendee will receive an exclusive whitepaper - Improving Customer Loyalty through Business Process Optimization and Advanced Business Analytics as our thank you for participating.


Anant Gupta
Vice President, BPM & Connectivity


Scott Simmons
Banking Solutions Architect - BPM


Padelford Louis Lattimer
Founding Member

TurtleBay Advisory Services (TBAS)

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